Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ENERGY 12-Pack | It Works

How’s your ENERGY??? I know some people that don’t like or have never tried an energy drink because they think it’s absolutely disgusting or tastes like medicine…….. Such as my husband.
Well, you have NEVER tried our ENERGY......It tastes great, but without the jitters or crash you get in typical energy drinks!!! Sorta tastes like a pear soda. With so many people in my career filed chugging Red bull and Monsters, these are SO much better for you then those!!
Some drink it room temperature, but love it ice cold, and mixed into my smoothies as a mid day snack with an extra boost with my Greens! 
Contact me for more details: praylowmom@gmail.com or 703-864-4758, or visit my site: http://praylowmoms.myitworks.com/contactme/

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