Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Save $5 now on New Munchkin Fresh Feeding

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February 5, 2013  

Hi Moms and Dads,

It's a brand new year and we want to get fresh with you-fresh feeding that is! That's why we've developed a simple, three-step process to prepare and store homemade baby food, making mealtime easier, healthier and more fun!

Now available at retailers nationwide, each tool is a thoughtfully-designed, and dishwasher safe solution to help moms and dads make fresh and nutritious foods for their little ones at home-because eating right should always be as easy as one, two, three.

Step 1: Chop & Steam
Take your baby's food from boring to "bon appetite" with the Fresh Food Chopper & Steamer. This innovative, 2-in-1 product allows mom to chop and steam raw fruits and vegetables, to easily make soft food for baby. Equipped with a stainless steel cutting blade and convertible lid to steam and soften in the microwave, mealtime just got easier!

Step 2: Mash
The next step in this simple process is to make fresh-cut fruits and veggies digestible for baby, using the soft steamed and chopped ingredients you made with the Fresh Food Chopper & Steamer with the Fresh Food Grinder. Just fill, grind and serve! The easy-to-use, hand-operated grinding tool makes it easy to control the consistency of your child's food based on their age and preferred texture. Healthy recipes for delicious vegetable and fruit purees are also included.

Step 3: Store
Store newly-prepared food with our Click Lock™ Fresh Food Freezer Trays and Freezer Pops. A fun and unique snack option for babies and even teething toddlers with sore gums, the Freezer Pops come with easy-to-grip handles and a drip catcher to prevent messes, while the trays offer an air-tight and leak-proof seal to help safeguard against odor transfer and freezer burn.

So as you're making an earnest effort to keep your New Year's resolutions, be sure to give fresh thinking to fresh feeding. Because even though 2013 may be filled with surprises, creating delicious and nutritious meals for your child should never leave you guessing. To learn more about our Fresh Feeding line and other new innovations, please visit us at Munchkin.com or on Facebook at Facebook.com/Munchkin.

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